How to form a Liftshare team

This guide will help you to form a team with someone you have a journey match with on Liftshare.

NB. You must first have a journey to be able to form a team. Find out how to add a journey here:

Journey Matches

Once you have a journey on the system you can view your journey matches.


  1. Select a journey match

Click on a person's profile box on the left to view their full details, which will display like this:


2.   From this page you can:

  • Ask to share
  • If the person is already in a Liftshare team for this journey (which Ric above is) you can Request to Join.
  • Message the person to chat and arrange details. From the message section, you can also Ask to share, once you're happy with arrangements (as below).


3.   Once your Request to Share or Request to Join a team is accepted, you will automatically be added to a Liftshare team.

(The person you sent the Request to Share/Join to will receive an email asking them to accept or decline the request, plus a reminder if they don't respond.)


4.   Being in a Liftshare team means you can access a permit, if you're in a community that uses parking permits, for example some festivals and Liftshare for Work communities. 

For more details visit:

Got more questions? We're here

If you have any other questions, why not raise a ticket and someone from our team will be able to help.


Travel Happy! 

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