What can I do using the Liftshare Companion app?

What can I do using the companion app?

Created by: Amy Young

The Liftshare Companion app provides an instant messaging system for Liftshare members on the move. It also offers an easy way to request and confirm your shared trip, as a driver or as a passenger.

How to get the Liftshare Companion app

You can download the Liftshare Companion app here:

For Apple devices: Liftshare Companion on the App Store (apple.com)

For Android Devices: Liftshare Companion on the Play Store

What can I do using the app?

Inbox & Conversations

The Liftshare Companion app helps you arrange your shared travel through instant messaging:

  • Send and receive messages from Liftshare members
  • Access all the conversations you've had and get in touch with any of your contacts
  • Check the relevant journey details at any time by simply clicking through from the conversation screen
  • Get a notification whenever you receive new messages or Liftshare requests

Liftshare Requests

Once you have arranged the details for your Liftshare, confirming it is very easy:

  • As a passenger, you can send a Liftshare request from the journey details screen at any time
  • As a driver, you can accept and decline Liftshare requests in just one click


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