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What are the benefits of sharing a car?

What are the benefits of sharing a car?

Created by: Amy Young

Based on Liftshare member feedback, the main reasons people use Liftshare are as follows:

  • Reduces the costs of travelling
    As you're splitting your costs in half (or more when sharing with more than one person) it's cheaper than nearly all other forms of motorised transport. On average, Liftshare members save £1034 each per year. Find out how much you could save with our Liftshare Savings Calculator.
  • Getting around when you don't drive
    Public transport can be expensive, or simply not feasible where you live. Lift-sharing, in contrast, is affordable and Liftshare makes it easy to find someone to share with.
  • Environmental benefits
    Every car taken off the road cuts CO2 emissions and protects the environment.
  • Cuts congestion and pollution
    The more people car-share, the fewer cars on the road and the quicker everyone will get to where they're going. With less pollution along the way too.
  • Have company on a journey, make new friends and network
    Sharing reduces the stress of driving alone and helps you meet people. If you're sharing with a colleague you can unwind together after a day at work.
  • Reduces parking problems
    Ever struggled getting a space at work? Liftshare for Work schemes allow organisations to reward lift-sharers with priority parking spaces and other incentives.
  • Helping others out
    Liftshare drivers get a sense of satisfaction by helping those who can't drive get from A to B more affordably and conveniently.

Don't just take it from us though, find out what our members have to say about why they love car sharing here.


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