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How to be a good car share partner!

How to be a good car share partner!

Created by: Amy Young


Like any successful relationship, car sharing requires respect, good communication and a little bit of give and take! Here are some top etiquette tips that our members recommend:

  • Always reply to any requests to share that you receive from other members, no matter what the situation is. Even if you can't make that journey, the other person will be waiting for an answer from you, so please let them know so they can arrange alternative travel.
  • Be willing to meet before your first share if your driver/passenger feels more comfortable doing that.
  • Be reliable. If you agree to meet at 8am, be there at 8am. Especially if you're sharing a commute. People often have very little flexibility before they end up being late for work.
  • Communication is key. If you are going to be unavoidably delayed, let your sharer know (as far in advance as possible). Keeping your tone polite and friendly always helps.
  • Flexibility is important too, though. Sometimes you or your sharer will have to stay a bit late at work unexpectedly – but warn each other whenever you think this might be the case.
  • Want to eat in the car? Just check your driver/passenger doesn't mind before you unwrap that burger!
  • Don't assume that everyone loves ACDC or Wagner. You both need to be comfortable with the music on your journey, so discuss your preferences. Most people will have an area of shared taste.
  • If the car is yours:
    • Keep it clean
    • Drive considerately
    • Make your passenger(s) feel welcome
  • If you're the passenger:
    • Ask before adjusting the controls (e.g. radio or air con)
    • Don't smoke without checking if it's ok first
    • Offer to pay before being asked. Money can be an awkward topic. It's easiest to agree contributions (and when payment(s) will take place) in advance, and that's why the system presents a suggested contribution for each trip.

  • It can appear unfriendly if you spend the journey on your mobile or making business calls, and it can be distracting to the driver too.
  • Some people are great first thing in the morning; others need time to acclimatise themselves to the new day! Be sensitive about your car share partner's preferences for silence or chat (as they should be about yours).


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