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How do I pay for Liftshare?

The Liftshare Platform is FREE to join and use for members of the public, allowing you to easily connect with other people making the same journeys.

Car-sharing is often one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to get around, allowing you to split travel costs for regular journeys and ad-hoc trips.

No payment is exchanged through Liftshare, you should arrange payment directly with the person you're sharing with.

The amount and transaction type should be agreed upon by the driver and passenger/s – either through the messaging feature on the app or in person on the day of the journey.

Liftshare Suggested Contribution

When you add a journey, Liftshare provides a suggested contribution for the trip calculated using the HMRC’s Mileage Payment Allowance. This ensures the driver doesn’t profit from the journey which would invalidate their insurance.

The contribution is automatically set at the lowest amount based on 4 people sharing a car. You can hit the + button to increase it up to a capped amount which shows the contribution based on two people sharing.

Some of the easiest ways to exchange travel costs are:

Cash payment – be prepared for your journey and take the appropriate change with you. You may decide to pay weekly for a regular Liftshare.

Paypal – Paypal is a quick, easy and secure payment method but both parties will require an account to use this service.

Mobile Banking – Many banks offer a mobile banking app making online payments easy. Some apps may require you to add the card details of the recipient online or by using a chip and pin reader. Check the functionality of your app prior to your journey to ensure you can pay for your Liftshare at your destination.

Google Pay - Google accounts are free to set up and are accessible through online access and the Google Pay mobile app for Android users. You can use an existing Google account to set up Google Pay, and it's linked to a debit card or bank account for sending money.

Apple Pay - Apple Pay allows you to send money inside Messages or using Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. There is no extra app to download to access this service. You’ll need to link a debit card to Apple Pay to use the service.

Take it in turns – If your Liftshare arrangement is on a regular basis and you both own and drive a car, you may wish to take it in turns to be the driver.

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